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Board of Directors

Mr TAN Juay Hiang

Chief Executive Officer

Mr Tan Juay Hiang is an Executive Director of the Board and CEO of the Managers.

Prior to joining the Managers, Mr Tan was the Senior Vice- President of Real Estate Funds for Ascendas Pte. Ltd., where he was responsible for structuring and launching new real estate private funds, raising capital for private funds, initiating new real estate investment trusts and undertaking internal audit on the various private funds within the Ascendas Group.

From October 2007 to April 2010, Mr Tan was the fund manager for the Ascendas ASEAN Business Space Fund (the ASEAN Fund), where he was responsible for structuring the ASEAN Fund and raising US$400 million from institutional investors. During this period, he oversaw the acquisition of assets in Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines during the fund investment period, the aggregate development value of which amounted to approximately US$500 million. He also managed the portfolio of the ASEAN Fund and was responsible for investor relations.

Mr Tan holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degree from the National University of Singapore and a Master of Business Administration from Nanyang Technological University.