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A-HTRUST’s portfolio comprises 14 quality hotels with more than 4,000 rooms geographically diversified across key cities in Australia, Japan, Singapore and South Korea.

A-HTRUST’S hotels are managed by established operators which have strong domain knowledge of the markets where the hotels are located in. These hotels are also operated under various brands, catering to different customer segments from economy to upscale and short-term to long-term stay.

With its well-diversified portfolio, A-HTRUST is expected to be less affected by both the macroeconomic and microeconomic conditions of any single area and is thus likely to demonstrate resilience across economic cycles. A-HTRUST’s hotels are strategically located in the heart of or within close proximity to prime business and tourism centres and close to major transportation nodes, thereby allowing them to attract a stable base of both business and leisure travellers.

The hotels are under two main rent structures, being master lease and management contract arrangements. A-HTRUST’s portfolio provides a substantial base of fixed rents through the hotels under master lease arrangements thereby providing stability of income, while allowing A-HTRUST to benefit from any upside through hotels under the management contract arrangements.